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Mission Statement
Farmers Ranchers Co-op is committed to being a business partner with our patrons, efficiently providing products, services and expertise that enhance the profitability of our member owners. 


CEO Kent Taylor & Springview Manager Donna Jones presenting a donation check to Russell Stoker the Ag Advisor for the Keya Paha County FFA Chapter.


Feedmill keeps pushing production to record levels!

2 Million bags of feed produced at the Farmers Ranchers Feedmill.  Since the automatic bagger has been put in place in 2009 it has been logging the amount of feed that has been produced for our customers.  Numbers like this is why an expansion in the department was needed.  Congratulations to Rocky Sheehan, Bill Worden, and the entire Feed Team on this huge accomplishment.



Farmers Ranchers Cooperative Announces Plans for a 2nd Feed Mill Addition
Farmers Ranchers Cooperative’s Board of Directors has given approval for a $17.3 million Feed Mill addition to be located next to the existing Feed Mill in Ainsworth, NE. 
From Ron Heerten - Chairman of the Board:
“The Board of Directors is confident that demand is there for F/R feed products with a history of volume growth at our existing mill and with closings of other mill facilities in the region.  There is a feed team in place that has the vision, ability, commitment, and proven record to make this project a success.  Our co-op has a record of solid local earnings that make this expansion possible at this time.
The Board feels like this project is in the best long term interests of current and future customers, owners, and our entire community.  After much consideration we have unanimously approved moving forward with this expansion project.”
The new Feed Mill addition will consist of a mill tower, five ton mixer, 2 four hundred horsepower pellet mills and two state of the art dryers. This will allow Farmers Ranchers to increase production by an additional 40 ton per hour.
From Rocky Sheehan – Feed Division Manager
“The existing mill, while in good condition, is 37 years old. With our service and quality of feed, there has been more demand for our products in an expanding trade territory. Thanks to Bill Worden, Feed Mill Operations Manager, and the rest of our feed team, we have experienced tremendous success. Due to increased demand, we have been running 24 hours per day during the peak of the season. This expansion will make us more efficient.”
The general contractor for the Feed Mill expansion will be EBM Construction of Norfolk, NE. Financing will be provided by CHS Capital of Inver Grove Heights, MN. The project will start this fall and is expected to be completed in the fall of 2016. 
From Kent Taylor - CEO
“The co-op has a respected history of being an important part of our customers’ success. We are excited to enter this new era for Farmers Ranchers Co-op. This Feed Mill project will allow us to continue to live up to our vision: ‘EARN the position of being FIRST choice for Ag Producers in our expanding territory.’” 
Farmers Ranchers Cooperative serves producers and residents of the region with divisions in Agronomy, Feed, and Energy. 
Farmers Ranchers Cooperative | 224 South Main | Ainsworth, NE 69210 | www.frcoop.com

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Did You Know?

In 1790 the total United States population was 3,929,214.
Farmers made up about 90% of the labor force

Fact courtesy of the USDA

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